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Surf Ears 3.0 Improvements:


Better Fit & Comfort
In order to make 3.0 fit so much better the plugs are individually designed for the left and right ear. Both the wings and cores are also unique for your right or left ear. The tube of the core has been modified to point both forward and slightly upwards, creating a more natural fit in your ear.


The sealing gels have been redesigned to achieve a better seal while also increasing wearing comfort. They are thinner, softer and conforms to the shape of the ear more easily.


Increased Size Range
Surf Ears now features 4 sizes and 2 wing sizes


Increased Lifespan
There's a new protective rib preventing the mesh from being pushed inwards, while also increasing the mesh’s adhesive area. The new leash is also redesigned, with loops on each end which makes it more durable compared to previous solution and easier to attach and remove from the plugs. The new leash is thicker which makes it more durable and also less likely to tangle.


Included in the box:

  • One Pair of SurfEars, pre assembled
  • 6 sealing gels, 2x size large, 2x size small, 2x size x-small
  • Two support wings, size small
  • storage case

Surf Ears | 3.0

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